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September 2005     Article: "Robust Structural Modeling and Outlier Detection with GMDH-type Polynomial Neural Networks"
Abstract. The paper presents a new version of a GMDH type algorithm able to perform an automatic model structure synthesis, robust model parameter estimation and model validation in presence of outliers... Read article (pdf)

June 22, 2004     New release (build 062204.7) is provided
- Dataset substitution to the resulting equation was added.
- HTML report presentation are improved and can be customizable.
- Documentation is updated.

April 21, 2004     New release (build 042104.12) is provided
The external criteria and HTML presentation are improved. Documentation is updated.

April 5, 2004     New release (build 040504.10) is provided
The external criteria are improved, new one is included in this release.

January 30, 2004 Critical patch for PNN_13.msi downloaded from 12/01/2003 up to 01/30/2004
A bug was identified in installation with registration of application component. It causes an error "Failed data preparing" in PNN Discovery Client.
Fixed version of PNN_13.msi is available for download now. Or you can download simple patch that performs appropriate registration procedure. Put this patch to the folder where PNN Discovery Client is installed. Then run batch file.

October 10, 2003     Article "Robust Polynomial Neural Networks in Quantative-Structure Activity Relationship Studies" is published in System Analysis Modeling Simulation, Vol. 43, No. 10, October 2003, pp. 1331-1339

October 10, 2003     This site was opened to supply the best service for present and potential customers of PNN Discovery client.

September 25, 2003     PNN Discovery client version 1.3 becomes available both as trial and commercial version.


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